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Have you been looking for a 100% Canadian survey solution that meets your college or university’s ethical requirements?


Most Canadian universities and colleges require that their data be stored in Canada as a result of the implementation of the USA PATRIOT ACT and related legislation. These acts give the US Government full access to all data collected and stored in any server owned by a US company or located in the United States. This violates Canadian privacy legislation and most university ethical guidelines. Academic Survey Canada can help.

Hosted in Canada

All data gathered by Academic Survey Canada is collected, stored and backed-up in Canada on Canadian servers. We are fully compliant with Canadian privacy laws and meet ethical guidelines from most Canadian universities. We are also fully compliant with the Tri-Council Policy Statement on the ethical conduct for research involving humans.

Safe and Secure

We use the same SSL security encryption as online banks. All our surveys are fully password protected, with only Academic Survey Canada researchers able to access raw data. You’ll always be able to rest easy knowing your data is safe.

By Researchers for Researchers

At Academic Survey Canada we’re researchers too. We created this site because we were constantly being asked by our own students if a purely Canadian survey hosting option even existed. After hearing this question again and again, and having no easy answers, we felt a need to act to fill this gap in academic infrastructure. As researchers ourselves, we are also bound by the Tri-Counsel policy statement, so you never need to worry that your data will be handled improperly.

Simple and Easy

Unlike some complex online survey systems, we try to make our process as simple as possible. Just send us your survey in any word processor format, we’ll code and publish your survey online, and send you a link to email out to your survey group. No need to struggle for hours building your survey online using a cumbersome user interface that can take hours to get the results you want.

Your Research Your Way

We can do surveys of any length, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. We can accommodate a wide variety of question types, including radio buttons, drop down menus, check boxes, and short or long answer text boxes. Our servers can easily handle massive amounts of data, so there is no restriction on qualitative question response length. If your respondents want to write a small novel in response to a question, we can take it!

Your Results Your Way

Once your data is collected, we’ll send you all of your data in any of the following formats:

If you don’t specify a format, we’ll send your data to you in TSV, since TSV can be imported into all major analytical software packages such as R, SPSS, Stata, SAS, MinTAB and Excel without conversion.

All data will be sent to you in a fully encrypted data file in the format of your choosing via email. We’ll send you the password to decrypt your data separately. Your data will always be protected.

Understandable and Non-Recurrent Pricing

Our services are designed for university students and professors who need an easy and affordable solution for delivering a single online survey for a dissertation, thesis or other major research project. You don’t want to worry about monthly memberships, recurring costs or other complex pricing structures for services you don’t need.

At Academic Survey Canada we understand this, and are happy to offer a basic ‘one shot’ pricing structure. Depending on the size and complexity of your survey, and how long it will take our staff to code on our servers, prices will run between $200 and $400 Canadian dollars.

Once your survey is done, there are no further costs. We’d love to work with you again on another project, but we don’t believe in burdening you with some sort of membership pricing.

See our Pricing page for more information.

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